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Octantis 2 Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS)

MEMS-based AHRS for Airborne Application

Aeron’s Octantis 2 AHRS is a tactical class Attitude and Heading Reference System for airborne applications. The model OCT2 AN5300S AHRS has been designed as per the DO-254 standards and qualified as per MIL-STD-461E and MIL-STD-810G standards. The AHRS software has been tested through a rigorous IV&V process and certified as per DO-178B level B standards. The AHRS system has been accorded the CEMILAC (Indian Airworthiness) certification. The unit meets the performance requirements as per the RTCA-DO-334 standard.

The AHRS is an airborne qualified system and can be used as a primary or standby instrument in electronic flight instrumentation systems, cockpit displays in a wide range of fighter, transport and passenger aircrafts.


Key Features

  • High Reliability System:  Airworthiness Certified with Redundant Sensor Configuration
  • Device Diagnostics:  Complete Continuous Built in Test
  • Power Consumption:  Low Power <2.5 W
  • External Magnetometer Interface:  To facilitate the user to choose the external magnetometer data to avoid degradation caused by nearby systems
  • TSO Compliant Performance:  Suitable for flight instrumentation, attitude indication
  • Low Noise Sensors:  To give highly accurate attitude and heading data
  • Software Certification:  DO178B Level B compliant software
  • External True Air Speed (TAS) aiding:  Accepts external TAS data for velocity aiding
  • Isolated Interfaces and power supply:  Making it resistant to electromagnetic interference on data and power lines
  • Communication:  Comes with standard Serial RS422, RS232 interfaces