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RF and Microwave, designed to operate on signals in the megahertz to gigahertz frequency ranges. RF and Microwave are used to represent frequency ranges in the electromagnetic spectrum. Components and systems of RF & Microwave group are used by most Military and private telecom broadcast radio’s, wireless communication (cell phones, Wi-Fi…) transmitter and receiver and for the LAB testing applications.

Elkay offers full range of RF components, sub assembles and systems for the RF & microwave domain projects.

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“PoleZero provide fast tuning, high performance bandpass and notch filters to improve RF communications and signal processing”

RF & Microwave Product Categories

We have a array of RF & Microwave components and products Including:

Acoustic optic Modulator



Amplifiers systems

Antenna Positioners


Bias Tee

Cable Assembles

Circulators Isolator


Custom RF test systems

DC Blocks


Device characterisation

Filter Banks


Frequency Extention Systems

Hand over test systems

IV characterisation Systems


Load Pull Systems


Noise measurment systems


Pallet Amplifiers

Power Divider Combiner

Programmable attenuator assembles

RF to optical convertors

Surface mount components

Switch Matrix



Telematery Tracking systems


Test Accessories

Transistor devices

Up Down Converters

Wave guide Components

“Custom filtering solutions from Surface Mount Components to Complex Testrack Assemblies”

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