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Since 1992, Elkay has been a reliable source for Hi Tech Electronic components from US , Europe and Far East. We also specialize in services for Design -In, System Integration and Information Technology Products & Services.

Since 2020, in keeping with the growing demand for newer Technologies, Elkay has ventured into areas of:
• Information and Communication Technologies
• Global Positioning Technologies
• Surveillance/ Security Technologies

Elkay has strategically identified these technologies across Internet of Things (IoT), Smarter Cities, Telecom Infrastructure, Mass Surveillance initiatives and related avenues.

To further complement our offerings, we have entered into strategic partnerships with some of the leading global IT solution providers in the areas of Geo-spatial Technology Solutions (offering COTS mapping and spatial analytics software as well as customized products and services) and Enterprise Open-source Solutions (providing consulting, system integration, solutioning and architecting services to the enterprises adopting open-source technologies for business-critical applications.



  • It applies to all our dealings with staff, customers, suppliers, the environment and community.


  • To our customers to ensure that we deliver what we promise, and if there are incidents of deficiencies, we will set them right.
  • To our Principals to ensure we present their products to prospective customers at every opportunity
  • To our Employees, to make available a pleasant working environment


  • Deliver what you promise
  • Be honest in informing all concerned about situations that are departing from promised parameters.
  • Be professional, thorough and disciplined.


  • Treat everyone, customers, suppliers, employees, with respect and sensitivity to ensure a positive, energizing environment.


  • It goes without saying that we operate within the law in all that we do, but integrity goes further than that.
  • We are honest with customers about situations that are uncomfortable or uncontrollable.
  • We take responsibilities for our actions and deliver on our promises.

Customer Experience:

  • Our goal is to create value in every stage of customer engagement.

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