Octantis 2 Inertial Navigation System

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Octantis 2 Inertial Navigation System NS6300S

Rugged INS-GPS System for Land and Airborne Applications

The Octantis 2, OCT2-NS6300S is a rugged Inertial Navigation System, equipped with a high-end tactical class IMU and qualified to MIL-STD-810G & MIL-STD-461E standards incorporating vibration and EMI rejecting features in design. The Octantis 2 INS features Aeron’s KF based parameter estimation engine which delivers superior GPS independent position performance. The NS6300S includes an integrated multi-constellation (GPS/GLONASS/ GALILEO) GNSS receiver with SBAS (GAGAN/QZSS) augmentation.

The system has a variety of isolated interfaces for communication and integration with the vehicle electronics. The system has a provision for interfacing vehicle odometer (Pulse input/CAN bus) and externally providing aiding data from other external sensors. The system has Ethernet interface for integration with external control and display equipment. 
The system also offers unmatched configurability in update rates, installation configurations and external aiding options.

The INS system can be used as primary or secondary INS in armored trucks, combat vehicles, special purpose vehicles and for marine navigation applications.


Key Features

  • High-end Tactical Class Gyros:  0.8 deg/hr. to give high performance position data in GNSS denied environment
  • Multimode Kalman Filter:  For precise estimation of attitude, position and velocity data
  • Precise Attitude & Heading Data:  To enable its use in vehicle navigation
  • Position accuracy:  <2% DT with odometer, precise positioning, mapping and surveying
  • Multi-Channel, Multi-Constellation GNSS:  Supports L1, 72 Channels with SBAS capability
  • Communication:  Isolated Ethernet/CAN/Serial Interfaces
  • Rugged Design:  Complaint with MIL-STD-461F MIL-STD-810G standards