Up Down Converters

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NuWaves’ Multi-Octave RF Upconverter (MORFTM) is a small, wideband IF-to-RF upconverter with variable attenuation control and user-selectable IF bandwidth filtering.
The MORF accepts an IF input signal in the user-programmable range of 2 to 70 MHz, and delivers an RF output at any user-programmable frequency centered between 2 to 3000 MHz. The MORFTM provides the user with 5 kHz tuning resolution, 50 dB of attenuation control over the RF amplitude, and two IF bandwidth options of 4 MHz and 35 MHz.
The MORF is easily configurable via a serial terminal program or an optional graphical user interface (GUI). A development kit that includes the GUI software for the PC Control Panel, +6 VDC power supply, and a custom serial interface cable is available as an ordering option.

• Small Form Factor
• Broadband Coverage
• Programmable IF Input
• Programmable RF Output
• 5 kHz Tuning Resolution
• User-Selectable Attenuation Control
• User-Selectable IF Bandwidths
• Large Dynamic IF Range
• Accepts Modulated Input
• Simple RS-232 Interface

• RF Signal Generation
• Software Defined Radios (SDR)
• Test Bed Developments
• Programmable RF Frequency Conversion
• Waveform Generators