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Family of handover test systems designed for cellular handover testing. Internal step attenuators allow the RF signal between the network access points and the handsets to be dynamically faded up/down.  The Ethernet/Serial models run our latest generation 3.x.x firmware that features easy to use ASCII formatted commands.

Full Fan-out Handover Test Systems
This type of fan-out provides connections for multiple handsets and multiple network access points.  The RF signal between each handset and each access point can be faded up/down.  The full fan-out handover test system is constructed with power divider/combiners on both halves of the matrix with a step attenuator on every path through the matrix.  Every RF path through the matrix can have its own unique attenuation setting.

4X4 Full Fan-out Handover System:  16 step attenuator, 16 RF through paths
8X8 Full Fan-out Handover System:  64 step attenuators, 64 RF through paths

Limited Fan-out Handover Test Systems
A 4X1 limited fan-out has connections for a single handset and four network access points.  The internal step attenuators can fade the RF signal from each access point to the handset.  The limited fan-out handover test systems are constructed with a step attenuator on each input port with a power divider/combiner to combine all signals onto a common path.  This design limits the number of step attenuators to be equal to the number of input ports.

4X1 Limited Fan-out Handover System:  4 step attenuator, 1 RF through path
8X1 Limited Fan-out Handover System:  8 step attenuators, 1 RF through path

Manual Handover Test Systems
Full fan-out or limited fan-out configurations but with manual step attenuators. These models require no AC power.