Disciplined Oscillator

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GPS disciplined oscillator (GPSDO), is a combination of a GPS receiver and a high-quality, stable oscillator such as a quartz or rubidium oscillator whose output is controlled to agree with the signals broadcast by GPS and GNSS satellites. GPSDOs work well as a source of timing because the satellite signals must be accurate in order to provide positional accuracy for GPS in navigation. These signals are accurate to nanoseconds and provide a good reference for timing applications. GPSDOs are used as the basis for Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) around the world.


  • LTE
  • Digital Video Broadcast
  • E911 Location Systems
  • General Timing and Synchronization
  • Military Radio


  • Embedded GNSS Receiver – GPS and Glonass Compatible
  • Embedded precision OCXO
  • Field upgradeable for Galileo
  • 1pps, 10 MHz LVCMOS output signal standard
  • Other output frequencies available
  • Modified NMEA (VSIP)
  • Holdover to 1.5 µs over 8 hours
  • Evaluation kit with software available