Contactless transmission technology

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Slip ring

We meets the complex and demanding requirement of sophisticated electrical rotary joints and Slip ring system throughout the world. Our customers are specialist in complex technical products for the Aerospace, Defense, Energy, Automation industries as well as in the medical sector. Our products are lead the filed in ground, maritime, aerial and Space surveillance.

Contactless Transmission

The application of industrial standard protocols, like digital video protocols are in high demand. This technology allows communication standards such as Gigabit Ethernet or Fibre channel are supported allow a data rate up to 10 Gbit/S.

Contactless Transmission- Inductive Power.

SCHLEIFRING’S  – Worldwide patented technology for inductive, contactless power transmission allows voltage of 24V up to 400V within a range of 1W to 10 KW.

Especially in the application with high rotational speed, our contact less slip ring ensures a long, wear-free service life, which cannot be achieved with a contacting transmission.