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Xenics designs and manufacture and supply the Infrared cameras, Detectors, Lenses, Accessories and soft wares.

Infra red cameras:

BOB CAT 320- Cooled Smart InGaAs Camera.

The Bobcat-320 is a small, high performance shortwave infrared camera. Its thermoelectric cooler ensures excellent low noise and low dark current characteristics.

The Bobcat-320 targets cost-sensitive volume markets such as laser beam analysis applications, sorting & recycling industry and investigation of defects inside silicon semiconductor material. This shortwave infrared camera comes with a CameraLink or GigE Vision interface and has a low weight, low power consumption and is small in size.

The Bobcat-320-Gated SWIR camera

The Bobcat-320-Gated SWIR camera operates in the 0.9 to 1.7µm spectral band. It provides extremely short integration times down to 100 ns. The Bobcat-320-Gated makes use of a highly sensitive TE1-cooled InGaAs detector that has a 20 µm pixel pitch. This compact gated imaging camera contains real-time on-board image processing and image correction. All at a very favorable price point.

The Bobcat-320-Gated is equipped with trigger-in and jitter-free trigger-out. A special feature is the programmable trigger-out delay between the internally generated trigger-out pulse and the start of integration. It is configurable from 100 ns up to 1ms in steps of 100 ns, or 1 ms to 40 ms (in standard mode). With all these features, the Bobcat-320-Gated SWIR camera is ideally suited for gated imaging applications and the inspection of hot or fast moving objects.

XSW-320 Gated- OEM  Module for SWIR gated imaging:

The XSW-320 Gated SWIR OEM module operates in the 0.9 to 1.7 μm spectral band and provides extremely short integration times (down to 100 ns). Its InGaAs detector has a resolution of 320 x 256 pixels and a pixel pitch of 20 µm.

A special feature of the XSW-320 Gated is the programmable trigger-out delay between the internally generated trigger-out pulse and the start of integration. The exposure time of the sensor is configurable from 100 ns up to 1 ms in steps of 100 ns, or 1 ms to 40 ms (standard mode).

With all these features, the XSW-320 Gated is the perfect SWIR OEM module for SWIR gated imaging, the inspection of light bulbs and SWIR imaging of hot or fast moving objects.


New 800Hz version

The Cheetah-640-CL camera is the fastest InGaAs infrared camera in the world. The camera has been designed for applications where high speed imaging matters. Whether for adaptive optics, spectral analysis in the SWIR band, tracking of fast and hot objects, electro-coalescence, etc.

This unit is equipped with a dedicated high speed InGaAs detector array working up to 1.7 μm and comes in three speed versions: 444, 865 and 1730 Hz. It allows you to visualize the ultra high speed features of your specific research application.

The TE1-cooling reduces dark current and improves signal to noise ratios for contrast-rich and stable imaging performance.

The camera head interfaces to your frame grabbing system via CameraLink (base, full or dual medium – depending on the version).

The Cheetah-640-CL is delivered with a software development kit which offers direct access to various camera settings and allows easy integration with your own high speed image grabbing system.


The unique high line resolution achieved by the Lynx-2048-GigE will maximize your production yields. This SWIR solution is perfectly suited for spectroscopy, and for non-destructive and detail-rich imaging from deeper layers of semiconductor materials or measuring the thickness and uniformity of its functional layers.

The Lynx-2048-GigE offers in many ways an affordable solution. The small form factor and smallest pixel pitch of 12.5 μm allows more precision and optimization of compact systems with lower cost lenses. The high line resolution substitutes for costly multiple-camera solutions.

The Lynx-2048-GigE is also a flexible solution with an industry-standard GigE Vision and Power over Ethernet interface. You can also synchronize external events by the trigger input.

You will reach optimal image quality choosing from various configurations in High Sensitivity mode (HS) or High Dynamic Range Mode (HDR) and multiple gain settings.

Infrared Detectors

Since the start of Xenics in 2000 we have built up significant experience in the development and production of shortwave infrared detectors.

For OEM customers, Xenics offers a variety of SWIR detectors ready to be “designed in”. Our SWIR detector range consists of:

Linear InGaAs arrays

Two-dimensional (2-D) InGaAs arrays

Both detector types come in various formats and different packaging types.

Applications of Xenics SWIR detectors range from semiconductor inspection to sorting systems, spectroscopy or hyperspectral imaging, all in the shortwave infrared spectrum.

Xlin-1.7-3000 InGaAs detector:

The high resolution Xlin-1.7-3000 InGaAs detector is specifically designed for earth observation. The detector is based on mechanical butting of three InGaAs photodiode arrays with each 1024 pixels on a 25 μm pixel pitch, forming a nearly continuous line of 2900 pixels. The sensors come in an hermetically sealed package with an anti-refl ective coated window or in an open package (optional).

Thanks to their high sensitivity and quantum efficiency they operate at very low illumination levels.

The read-out integrated circuit includes Correlated Double Sampling (CDS) and autozero features, enabling low Dark Signal Non Uniformity (DSNU).

A selectable integration time and capacitor allow for fi ne tuning the conversion gain in fl ight. You can choose from High Sensitivity (HS) mode and High Dynamic Range (HDR) mode. Furthermore the high maximum line rate of 10 kHz enables a high resolution in the time domain.

The Xlin-1.7-3000 linear SWIR detector is used in ESA’s Proba-V satellite.