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Klixon- Thermostats

Sensata Technologies offers a broad selection of styles of Thermostat for all aerospace, satellite, commercial & military aircraft, medical equipment, Rail and HVAC markets. Our Klixon precision thermostats are designed for temperature protection or control in harsh environments.

Utilizing a bimetal, snap acting disc as the thermal sensing element, Klixon precision thermostats feature exceptionally high reliability and long life. Standard configurations, probe style packages, or custom packaging can meet most design requirements.

In order to grant long durability, Precision Thermostats are available also with hermetic case (with or w/o Nitrogen backfill) which virtually eliminates any issue of contact corrosion which would result in an increase of the contacts resistance.

Klixon 4BT series thermostat is qualified to MIL-PRF-24236/13 & NASA S-311-641/06

Klixon 3BT series thermostat is qualified to MIL-PRF-24236/19 & NASA S -311-641/07

Airpax Bimetallic Thermostats & Sensors

Sensata Technologies develops and manufactures high quality Airpax™ bimetal thermostats and temperature sensors to protect and monitor your electronics and equipment from overheating and freezing.