Switches SMD

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An RF (Radio Frequency) switch is a device to route high frequency signals through transmission paths.


•Up to 6GHz operation frequency

•Low broadband insertion loss

•Good broadband isolation

•High power handling (CW 10W -30W, 50W@316W peak )

•Excellent linearity behavior

•Fast wake-up and switching times

•Supports power supply voltages 2.6-5.5V

•Supports control voltages 1.8-5V

•Ultra low power ‘sleep mode’ with Idd<1uA

•Supports ‘all RF throws off’ mode

•RoHS Compliant


•Military Communications Radio

•Software Defined Radios

•AESA Radar

•Digital Communication Links


•LTE relays, small cells, TDD microcells

•PMR/LMR High Power Radio

•Antenna Tuning Switch

•3G/4G multi mode multi band switching

•Rx diversity band switching

•High linearity general purpose applications