Space Qualified

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A constant striving for perfection combined with decades of experience has made Phytron one of the leading suppliers of high-tech equipment in the field of automation solutions for extreme environmental conditions.

Alongside its high-precision stepper motors and linear actuators with optional gears and feedback systems, Phytron offers a wide range of power electronics and controls to support our customers worldwide.

Wherever you choose Phytron, our products speak the same language: Every series device and every customised solution embodies the same passion for quality, the same professional expertise and the same high-tech precision. And this attention to detail has been certified since 1994 under DIN EN ISO 9001, from 1997 to 2016 under DIN EN ISO 13485 and since 2016 under DIN EN 9100.

Space Qualified Stepper Motor

More than 30 years of experience and more than 500 Phytron motors in space. By using only ECSS-compliant materials and optimised design, Phytron’s space-certified drives meet the demanding requirements for use in an ultra-high vacuum whilst ensuring optimised weight, low magnetic radiation, outstanding precision and extraordinary robustness.