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Contacting Transmission – Signal & Data Transmission

The Slip ring is a essential device for the supply of power and transmission of the electrical signals. The quality of the slip ring is therefore a key factor for the quality of the overall system.

SCHLEIFRINGS’s gold wire technology and contact configuration of silver graphite brushes on hard silver rings allows excellent signal and data transmission.

  • Extremely low electrical noise and contact resistance
  • Long, low maintenance service life
  • High contact reliability
  • Cross talk isolation
  • Reliable operation under shock, vibration and extreme temperatures
  • Transmission of all common bus system

Contacting Transmission – Power Transmission

SCHLEIFRING’S silver braid brushes or silver graphite brushes on brass rings as well as the gold wire technology provide optimum power transmission.

Depending on the technical requirements, they allow excellent transmission of low power up to and above 1000A at high rotational speeds and with a long service life.

Contacting Transmission – Media Rotary Joints

SCHLEIFRING offers sophisticated solutions for the transmission of fluid such as water, oil, and coolants, as well as gas and air- optimized to the customers application.

Media Rotary joint integrated within slip ring assemblies are also available as complete rotary joint unit consisting of media slip rings, optical rotary joints, encoders and or microwave rotary joints.