Rotary Actuator

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Our OEM have a filed of expertise in Actuators  Systems(Rotary and Linear), Electrotechnical equipment and components etc.

We offer from Components to complete Actuation Systems  from Research to Serial Production.

The major Actuator products:

  • Fluid control actuation (air, fuel…)
  • Landing gear electrical actuation (openings, lock ups, retraction…)
  • Doors, nacelle doors actuation (EMAS / ETRAS…)
  • Flight control electrical actuation
  • Trims: rotary and linear solutions
  • Actuators for military applications
  • Actuators for safety applications
  • Actuators for Throttle Control Unit…

Rotary Actuator for Rudder trim

  • Load    21 Nm
  • Stroke   65°
  • Speed 5°/s
  • Weight  1,3 kg
  • Mechanical redundancy