RF Over Fiber

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Global Foxcom are one of the leading RF over Fibre (RFoF) Converter manufacturers from Israel. These Links are used to transport down-converted IF signals from a satellite signal feed. Our RF Optic solutions are capable of transporting signals ranging from DC-18GHz catering to a wide range of applications over long distances. Typically, RFoF links receive the down-converted satellite signals from a remote Antenna.

RF over fiber (or Radio over Fiber) refers to a technology whereby light is modulated by a radio frequency signal and transmitted over a fiber optic cable. Optical fiber operates by transmitting light along a dielectric glass fiber, rather than electrical signals over copper. The main technical advantages of using fiber optical links are lower transmission losses, immunity to noise and electromagnetic interference, flexibility and ease of installation.

Global Foxcom’s Flagship Platinum product line is designed to meet the increasing requirements for modularity and high-performance in a small form factor for superior long-distance transmission. Each low profile individual transmitter or receiver can be “hot swapped” in the sub-rack chassis maintaining the highest quality subsystem uptime capability. Each module contains an individual processor to maximize performance at all times. Global Foxcom’s high dynamic range DFB laser delivers exceptional signal quality for the most demanding of applications.

Global Foxcom’s RFoF converters can be categorised into Platinum series and Gold Series.

Platinum Series RF Fiber Links

Global Foxcom’s Platinum series are the latest series as on date and some of the features are as follows:

  • IF, 10MHz Ref, L-Band and Wideband (10-3000MHz)
  • Can support upto 45Kms of RF link
  • Full local control via LCD
  • Fully SNMP managed platform
  • DigiRF – Keypad module control
  • iMizer – Automated IMD Settings
  • Embedded RF and Optical power meter
  • Chassis supporting 12 modules

An Wideband (10-3000 MHz) RFoF converter comes with following features


  • Wideband: 10–3000 MHz
  • More than 8Km. distance [15Km with the PL7440T1550]
  • Powerful management capabilities via a front panel LCD and rack mounted SNMP
  • User control and setting of required IMD level
  • Variety of RF and optical connectors
  • 1550nm and CWDM ITU Grid laser options are available for longer fiber runs and single fiber multiplexing solutions


Global Foxcom’s Platinum Wideband products are designed to meet the increasing demand for modularity and high-performance in a small form factor for superior long-distance transmission. With high RF input power and wide dynamic range, the link is designed to provide full specification service up to a full 4 dB optical budget with the PL7440R4 receiver.

Utilizing Global Foxcom’s DigiRF technology, the user has full control of all important functions for setup, operation, and analysis via the front panel LCD or via the associated subrack SNMP capability.



Global Foxcom’s outdoor units (ODU) provide a cost effective solution for the transmission of RF and Data signals over fiber in extreme conditions.  The ODU’s can be pole or wall mounted by the antenna, which eliminates the need for environment-controlled shelters.

The outdoor units can accommodate any combination of Global Foxcom’s fiber optic RF links, from DC to 15GHz.  ODU’s are deployed in a variety of military and maritime applications, optimizing antenna location in any environment regardless of distance. Global Foxcom’s standard commercial ODU products are chosen as part of the military’s COTS policy and have earned the respect of military customers globally.



  • Land or sea based communications
  • Remote or local M&C capability
  • IP rated Environmental Protection
  • Variable Gain Control
  • Options for Single or Dual Power Supplies
  • AC or DC powering
  • Selectable LNB powering
  • Hot Swappable, Field Upgradable RF Modules

Apart from RFoF, Global Foxcom provides accessories as follows


  • DWDM/CWDM Long Distance SFP
  • DWDM Multiplexer & Demultiplexer
  • CWDM Multiplexer & Demultiplexer
  • Optical Ethernet Link
  • WDM Module
  • Two-way Optical Splitter
  • Light Interface Unit (LIU)
  • Optical Patch Cords
  • Pig Tails
  • Optical Ethernet Link
  • Many more…………..

In addition, IMizer, an automated adjustable link calibration embedded system enables the user to align the RF links IMD/CNR to specific linearity performances without a two-tone test. Select the desired IMD for the optical transmitter, either locally or remotely, IMizer automatically adjusts the laser drive to meet the IMD requirements. The IMizer requires the use of a correction factor table above 2.5 GHz.

Each low profile individual transmitter or receiver can be “hot swapped” in the sub-rack chassis maintaining a best subsystem uptime capability. Each module contains an individual processor to maximize specification performance at all times under demanding user applications.

The PL7440T transmitter and PL7440R4 receiver are designed for sub-rack chassis mounting. The associated Platinum chassis, model PL7010, has 12 active slots, one main control processor (MCP) slot and two redundant power supplies. No fans are required even under full sub-rack loading and full LNB powering.

Gold RF Fiber Links

Some of the feature of Global Foxcom’s Gold RF links are as follows:

  • IF, 10MHz Ref, L-Band, Wideband, C, X and Ku Band  (10-2200MHz)
  • Can support upto 100 Kms of RF link
  • High dynamic range lasers
  • Selectable LNB powering
  • Test ports, status and fault LEDs
  • Adjustable AGC/MGC

An Wideband (2-18 GHz) RFoF converter  has following features

Global Foxcom’s Sat-Light wide band microwave fiber optic interfacility links transmit and receive signals in the 2-18 GHz range between antenna and control rooms or NOCs. Global Foxcom’s IFLs offer a high performance alternative to conventional coaxial-cabled systems, reducing the need for wave-guide and minimizing signal attenuation.

The Sat-Light IFLs function as a transparent link, transmitting all satellite modulation formats carrying an entire polarization on each link.

System limitations in using coaxial cable are overcome by the simplicity and performance of fiber optic connections to provide the highest levels in signal quality. Global Foxcom achieves this by using state of the art lasers to provide high efficiency, low noise analog links.

A typical Microwave link consists of an optical transmitter that receives the RF signal, transmits it over a single mode fiber (RFoF) to an optical receiver and reconverts the optical signal to RF. Global Foxcom’s advanced fiber optic technology reduces the attenuation, slope, phase shift, and group delay maintaining extremely low levels over distances of up to 15 kilometers.

The microwave link cost effective high performance lasers produce negligible chirp and optical distortion, which is critical for long distance links. The EAM monolithic design, versus connectorized component electro-optics, assures high performance along with excellent reliability. The links are provided with test ports, status and fault LEDs, and gain controls.