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Penta Laboratories was founded in 1951, and quickly achieved industry-wide recognition for the development of the beam-power Pentode vacuum tube. In 1973 the firm was acquired by The Raytheon Corporation, and has ultimately become a wholly owned subsidiary of Penta Financial, Inc.

Today, Penta Laboratories is a world class manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of electron tubes and vacuum tubes. Our product line covers broadcast, industrial, research, military, medical, scientific, and high-end audio applications. Our company is especially well experienced in the manufacturing of ceramic/metal vacuum tubes, triodes and tetrodes – a Penta specialty. Because of exceptionally high volumes in these key lines, Penta is uniquely positioned to support them with very competitive pricing.

Medical & ScientificApplication:

Reliability is of prime concern in the medical field, as the performance of vacuum tubes is counted on in life or death situations. For this reason, Penta Laboratories takes extraordinary steps to assure the manufacturing of a premium quality product. Penta’s products are used in both diagnostic and treating equipment, including MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and X-Ray Devices as well as highly sophisticated cancer therapy machines. In the world of scientific research, an ever-increasing number of applications are being fulfilled by Penta products. These include klystrons for controlled thermonuclear fusion, high energy particle physics and directed energy.