Industrial Microswitch

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Micro switch are switches that need very less amount of force (push/pressure) to operate and at rapid speed. Initially the contact of the Common terminal (C) could be either Normally Closed (NC) or Normally Open (NO). They are very reliable, fast and efficient to use. A micro switch is also known as a miniature snap-action switch. The with ZM10 series have electrical ratings of 0.1 A 30 Vdc, 0.1 A 125/250 Vac 5 A 125/250 Vac; ZM50 series have electrical ratings of 5 A 125/250 Vac; and  ZM90 series have electrical ratings 10.1 A 125/250 Vac. All ZM series comes with 10,000 cycles of mechanical endurance.



The ZM and ZM1 series comes with the following features in general-

  • Well suited for power-duty and logic-level loads
  • SPDT, SPNC, or SPNO switch options
  • Power duty switching with silver alloy contacts
  • Gold-plated, silver alloy contacts for logic-level control
  • Pin plunger and various stainless steel lever options, including internal and external mount levers
  • Variety of electrical terminations
  • Certified per UL, cUL to UL 61058-1, ENEC to IEC 61058-1, and CQC to GB 15092.1