Since 1992, Elkay has been a reliable source for Hi Tech Electronic components from US, Europe and Far East.
We also specialize in services for Design-In, System Integration and Information Technology Products & Services.
We have recently expanded our scope to include Communication, Navigation and Surveillance systems.
About Our Company

With over 28 years of industry experience, we work with the most prestigious companies in the electronics industry in India, to identify and fill their requirement for Bill of Material for their various Projects, focusing on:

• Telecommunications
• Defense
• Space, Aerospace
• Industrial Electronics

To further complement our offerings, we have entered into strategic partnerships with some of the leading IT solution providers offering Navigational, Mapping and Spatial Analytics products and services across the customer segments.

Our Mission
  • To become a dependable source for our customers’ needs, driven by responsiveness, transparency & ethical business practices.
  • To generate the confidence in our customers that we are always available to them to resolve any issues they may have with products supplied by us. 
Our Vision
  • To provide state-of-the-art technology products to our customers, achieved through close interaction between our Application Oriented Field force and our customers’ design teams.
  • To expand our scope from being a component supplier to offering complete system solutions.
  • To broaden the scope of our Operations to continually embrace newer areas of Technology and corresponding Markets.



We are committed to being responsive to our customers before, during and after the execution of a Purchase  Order


Dedicated group of application field force to provide technical assistance for any mission critical applications.

Instant access to local field force in major cities in India for personal interaction.

Standing by the quality of our products and ensuring complete technical satisfaction with ordered products.

Working hand in hand with customers to help them source cutting edge products and Technologies.

We offer in obsolescence management to ensure our customers are able to
extend the life of their End Products.


Our customers include those in the fields of:
• Telecommunications
• Defense
• Space, Aerospace
• Industrial Electronics

We also serve: Public Sector Undertakings, State and Central Customers, Private customers.


We are registered vendor for all Defence, Aerospace and Space segment Customers, making it easy for our customers to engage with us for the best product that fits your needs.

We facilitate importing components and systems from global sources.

We are very familiar International Export regulations, and ensure customers abide by these to insulate them from any untoward consequences.

Reach us for any technical, commercial or logistical assistance for your projects.



Headquartered in BANGALORE – INDIA,
we also have offices in:
• Hyderabad
• New Delhi
• Ahmedabad


Elkay is staffed by professionals who have an intimate knowledge of the Indian market and have high professional credibility in the electronics community.
We have developed inhouse technical expertise across industry needs within the domain we operate.


We provide customised design & development services for small & adhoc requirements of our customers


We provide state-of-the-art technology products that can be relied on for any mission critical applications.

Satisfied customers
Partners Worldwide
Years of experience


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