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Elkay provides value-added Design-in and System Integration services, providing discrete systems by utilizing a variety of techniques helping our customers right thru design & development of prototypes of RF and microwave systems, embedded hardware and software, enclosures and system integration. Our strength lies in Custom Design of Integrated assemblies and Sub-systems.

Scope of Services:

We understand that it is not enough to equip you with standard products; you need services around them. That’s why we provide a bouquet of carefully chosen services. Whether it is building to your design, helping you with indigenization or integrating diverse systems – we are here to help you!

  • Standard products
  • Customer Specific Design & Development
  • Obsolescence Management
  • Build to Spec & Design Consultancy
  • Services & System Integration
  • Indigenization
  • RF Testing & Measurement Facility Service Support

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Customer Specific Design and Development

Want to go beyond our standard products? We understand that you have unique expectations. We offer state of the art and high performance RF systems and components for use in professional satellite earth stations, military, defence and telecom applications up to Ku Band. We offer products specifically for the Indian specific applications.

Projects completed

  • DDS based Synthesizers 10 MHz-18 GHz with 1 KHz resolution and excellent phase noise
  • LNAs 1-3000 MHz gain ranging 15-60 dB & Low NF
  • L Band 950-1750 MHz to 60 /70/ 120 MHz Down Converter with 20 kHz Step Size & high dynamic range
  • S band 1400-2400 MHz to 60/70/120 MHz Down Converter with Dynamic range & low step size
  • 100 MHz to 18 GHz Phase Locked Oscillators (PLO) with Excellent phase noise and high power output
  • Multiple frequency clock generators derived from OCXO
  • S band & C band Image Reject Mixer (IRM) with IF amplification and excellent NF & Image rejection
  • 16 way and 32 way power splitters with amplifiers to boost the signal strength
  • C band frequency translator with excellent phase noise and output level control
  • HUB mount UP & DOWN converters
  • Electronically tuned Filters using varactors
  • 19” rack mount power splitters for signal conditioning
  • Sub-systems incorporating RF & Microwave components

Obsolescence Management

The RF or microwave components in your systems might have worked hard and are probably becoming old. Maybe they are not performing optimally. Perhaps they are no longer available from the original supplier. Isn’t it imperative to have a plan to deal with such situations?

When you have a mission critical system, you want to have a proactive plan to address such exigencies. You want to cover a situation where parts, components, skills and people become unavailable.

You can now have a plan to ensure continuity. Yes, at Elkay we offer obsolescence management services for the space, military, defence and telecom customers.

Go ahead and manage obsolescence as part of the life cycle activities…. with a little help from Elkay.

Indigenization Services

Want to feel professionally patriotic? Want to feel more Indian?

How about replacing overseas components with Indian ones that are equally good? That too with the stamp of Elkay that you have known well for quality products!

Yes, you can now get Elkay components that seamlessly replace your old, ageing imported components, thanks to our Indigenization service.

Build to Spec & Design Consultancy

Want to have products built as per your own specification or design? Elkay can help with that too.

You can now get the assurance of Elkay’s quality and have your own design realized into a great product in the space, military, defence or telecom sector!

Services & System Integration

You may have the best-designed components but is that enough?

You need an integrated system that performs the way you want. You need a way to seamlessly unify multiple platforms and protocols. Multiple components must work synergistically to produce a system that works cohesively.

How would you like to have someone support you through the life cycle and help you achieve the system goals? How would you like to enjoy the flexibility of in-house designs and outsourced integration?

RF Testing and Measurement Facility Service Support

Now you can have Elkay test your RF system for you.

You have done the hard work and assembled the system but it’s now time to subject it to thorough testing. Elkay provides you this service in two different modes – take your pick!

  1. Onsite testing: We do the final testing at your premises and give you the report.
  2. Offsite testing: We perform the test at our labs and share the report with you.

After all, having a third party test your system is a great idea any day.

So what are you waiting for? Outsource your RF testing to Elkay and relax!

“Combined RF experience of 28+ years in Design, Manufacturing and we are poised to become a designer of choice for your business needs and a most reliable supplier of RF and Microwave Systems”

Elkay Product Catalogue

We have a array of RF & Microwave components and products:

UP / Down Convertors

  • Frequency  –  up to Ku Band.
  • Options    –  LAN, RS232 remote interface

TLT: – Test Loop Translators

  • Frequency – HF to Ku Band
  • Options   – LAN, RS232 remote interface

PLL, PLO & Synthesizers

  • Frequency – HF to Ku Band
  • Options –Phase and amplitude controlled outputs

Power Amplifiers and LNA’s


  • IQ Mixer
  • Image Reject Mixer

Obsolescence management

Module replacement

Service and System Integration

RF Components

  • Power Divider
  • Hybrid
  • Filters
  • Multiplier
  • Phase Shifters
  • Multi-channel receiver

“We provide customer-centric Design and Development with international quality standards”

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