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A directional coupler is used to sample a portion of an input signal for test and/or monitoring purposes. This “sample” signal is typically of much less power than the original input signal.

The coupling value of a directional coupler defines the difference in power between the input signal and the “sample” signal as it is observed at the coupled port.

Directional couplers up to 65GHz,Dual Directional couplers up to 40GHz with different connector options are available with different coupling Values at various power levels.

These couplers provide simple solutions for many applications including electronic warfare (EW), commercial wireless, SATCOM, radar, signal monitoring and measurement, antenna beam forming, and EMC testing environments and space-restricted application.



  • Broad Frequency Coverage
  • Low Insertion Loss
  • Low VSWR
  • High Directivity
  • Excellent coupling flatness
  • Ruggedized design