Circuit Breakers

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Airpax Magnetic circuit Breakers.

AIRPAX circuit breakers are precision devices that use magnetics and hydraulics to control how quickly they “trip”, or open a circuit, in order to stop the flow of electricity.

The so called Hy-mag circuit breakers (HMCB) are virtually not sensitive to the ambient temperature since are not based on the bi-metal principle. A delay tube is usually filled with silicon oil with a specific viscosity (thickness). Varying the oil viscosity changes the speed at which the steel core moves.

Sensata Technologies develops and manufactures high quality Airpax™ hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers and power switches to protect your valuable equipment and personnel. Sensata technologies having MIL qualified circuit breakers which using for High reliability application.

KLIXON- Aircraft circuit Breakers

Sensata is the leading supplier of circuit breakers to the global aircraft industry and has established the industry standard for quality, reliability, and performance. Sensata has pioneered virtually all of aircraft the circuit breakers styles used in today’s aircraft. Sensata’s complete line of circuit breakers off­ers a broad selection of types, features and design options.

  • Single pole or three pole versions
  • Ratings from 1 ⁄2 to 100 amps
  • Trip free design
  • Temperature or non-temperature compensated
  • Excellent vibration and shock resistance
  • Qualified to global commercial and military standards
  • Optional auxiliary switch
  • Thermal and magnetic sensing
  • Push button, toggle or rocker switch
  • Long push button
  • Various terminal configurations
  • MS and commercial configuration
  • Manual reset
  • 28VDC or 120VAC, 400 Hz


Those rugged applications that require a high level of reliability and performance as well as excellent vibration and shock resistance including:

  • Power distribution systems on commercial and military aircraft
  • Ground support equipment
  • Avionics
  • Missile launcher systems
  • Aircraft simulators
  • Power distribution systems on military vehicle