Brushless Motor

Allied Motion’s Globe INB/NB line are small frame, rare-earth brushless DC motors. The INB series are intended for industrial applications while the NB series is designed for mil-aero applications. All models incorporate Hall commutation sensors as standard. Both series can be equipped with gear heads to boost output torque. See the gear motors section of this...

Celebrating 28 years

Congratulations to all our Elkay Community members, Partners, Vendors and Customers for completing 28 years of success in business together with us. We have achieved tremendous growth and have built eminent goodwill in the community. We have always tried to provide the best product and its services to customers. Our services are always marvelous and...

Stepper Motor

Geared Motors

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Elkay is coming up with whole new Product range in GIS & Analytics, Navigation and Surviellance and Open Source Technology Services. Keep checking our website. Thanks !


Electrical Contactors

GNSS Receivers

Frequency Translators Jitter Attenuators

Frequency translator used to translate 1 to 4 selected input clocks as low as 8 kHz to an integer multiple as high as 850 MHz. Superior jitter performance is achieved through the filtering action of the onboard voltage–controlled SAW oscillator (VCSO) and integrated loop filter. Monitoring and control functionality are also standard features. Features Quartz-based...

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Rotary Actuator

Test Loop Translators

Advance Composite Struts Materials

SCHLEIFRING Surveillance