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  • Adapters (Between Series, DC-65 GHz)

Between Series Adapter is a passive RF 2-port interconnect device, which provides a convenient mechanical conversion between two different RF coaxial connector types (e.g., SMA to BNC, or N to SMA).

Between Series Adapters are used primarily for RF Test & Measurement applications, either in the factory or in the laboratory.

They can also be used in the field in a variety of communication systems applications (e.g., mating an antenna with a type-N connector to a receiver with a type-BNC connector).

Between Series Coaxial Adapters, (TVAC compatible adapters) in a wide variety of connector types, including Panel and flange mount which works up to 65GHz.

These adapters come standard in a passivated stainless steel body with Beryllium Copper center conductor to ensure mating repeatability.

The adapter design provides a minimum length consistent with good electrical performance. The small size, low VSWR, and broad frequency coverage permits a wide range of applications in both measurement and systems use.


  • 50 Ohm Impedance
  • Low Insertion loss
  • Low VSWR