• Electro Mechanical Products

    Electro Mechanical Products

    Motors, Resolvers, Actuators, Sensors (RVTs, RVDTs & LVDTs).
    Pumps, Soloneid Valves, Servo Valves, Pressure Switches, Relays.
    FOGs, MEMS Accelerometers.
    Slip Rings, Fiber Optics Rotary Joints, Trunnion Angle Sensors, Hand Controller Joy stick, Positioners.
    Shaft Encoders, Absolute Encoders, Potentiometers. Ruggedised displays.
    Fans and Blowers. IMUs & INS with GPS. Cameras for Tanks and Launchers.
    Magnetic Circuit Breakers, Thermostates for Commercial & High Rel Applications.
    Card level, High end GPS systems for Galileo, GLONASS and SBAS.

  • Frequency Control Products

    Frequency Control Products

    TCXO, OCXO, EMXO, XO, VCXO, VCSO, GPS Timing module, VCO, SAW Oscillators, DRO, CRO, PLO & PLDRO.
    SMD clocks, Dielectric Resonator, Phase Locked and Gunn Oscillators,Frequency Multipliers & Dividers.

  • Filters


    Crystal, Saw, Coaxial, Cavity, Waveguide, L/C filters, Digitally Tunable RF Bandpass Filters, Filters for Co-Site Applications, Digitally Tuned Hopping Filter Modules, RF Filters (Lumped Components, Tubular, Microminiature, Ceramic).

  • RF & MW Components

    RF & MW Components

    Directional Coupler, Power Divider/Combiner upto 26.5 GHz. Limiters upto 18 GHz.
    Coaxial Adaptors, Terminations & Attenuators (Digital & Microwave) upto 50 GHz & RF Switches
    Power Amplifiers, LNAs, RF ICs, Up/Down Convertors, Transreceiver Modules.
    DRO's, CRO's, PO's, PLDRO's (DC-18 GHz). Mixers, Doublers, Hybrids.
    Isolator, Circulators, Coaxial, Microstrip and Dropin type. Phase Locked Oscillator (PLO/PLL), Synthesizers. RF & Microwave Ceramic Products. MMIC Amplifier. Switches, Detectors, Phase Shifters (DC TO 40 GHz).
    RF High Power Chip & Flange Attenuators, Chip Resistors & Chip Capacitors. Diodes (Gun, GaAs, Varactor, Schottky, PIN). Navigation & Positioning products, Heading & Attitude products.
    Frequency Extenders. Tuners and Test systems from 10MHz to 110GHz. Wireline & Wireless Modem ICs & Base Band Processors.

  • Antennas


    Antennas for Communications - omni directional and directional antennas for vehicular and manpack tactical ultra-wide bandwidths radio equipment. Tactical SATCOM antennas, pocket type tactical versions, Antenna to combat IED's. These antennas are can cover frequency ranges from 20 MHz to over 6 GHz. ,Weather Radar ,Marine Array Antennas ,UAV/Robotics Simulators/Threat Emitters ,Manpack Antennas ,Single Feed, Multiple Feeds, and Multiple-Band Feeds ,Horns and Horn Array Antennas ,Reflector and Mutli-Reflector Antennas ,Patch and Panel Antennas ,Helical and Spiral Antennas ,Log Periodic Antennas ,Flat Array Antennas ,Box Horn and Waveguide Array Antennas
    Antenna Research manufacture Feed products- Single Feed, Multiple Feeds, and Multiple-Band Feed Antennas ,Multiband Turret Feeds, Multiband Feeds for Earth Stations ,Monopulse Feeds, Feeds for High Peak Power Pulsed Radar, Multisatellite Feed Assemblies , Feeds for Broadcast Antenna Systems , Troposcatter Antenna Feeds, Feeds for Line-Of-Sight Reflector Antennas.

  • Materials


    FR4 & PTFE Copper Clad Laminates with dielectric constant upto 4.3. Advanced Composite Prepregs for Aircraft Structures and Interiors RF Ceramic substrates.

  • Navigational Systems

    Navigational Systems

    GPS GLONASS Galileo Receivers, INS/ GPS Systems, GNSS Receiver, MEMS based IMU, FOG, RTK Receivers, GNSS Signal Tracking Receivers.

  • Surveillance Systems

    Surveillance Systems

    Infrared Imaging, SWIR, MWIR, LWIR Technologies, IR Detectors & Camera Software, InGaAs /InSb Detectors, For Military, Railways etc Applications.